Crypto Artist Deluxe

As a child, I was immersed in the world of art thanks to my mother’s career as an interior designer and when she worked at an art gallery selling art. My exposure to fine art and high-end artists at a young age sparked my own passion for art and design.

In college, I studied art history and architecture. After graduation, I launched my own clothing line, Anywear Gear, which was picked up by Nordstrom and even had distribution in Japan. My work as a designer at NIKE further honed my skills in pushing the boundaries of art and technology to create commercially viable products.

Today, I am a digital artist in the web3 space. I am drawn to the freedom and creativity that web3 offers artists, and I am passionate about helping other artists succeed in this new frontier.

My goal is to use my skills and experience to create innovative and engaging digital art that inspires and connects people. I also want to help other artists navigate the web3 landscape and achieve their creative goals.