Tony Wallstrøm is one of my favorite artists in web3. On the art side of the equation, his physical pieces are beautiful (in fact, I won the auction on one of them). His abstract style is as pure as the driven snow…which is to say it’s unique, light, mesmerizing and offers something new each time you look at it. He’s also constantly trying to push his art forward exploring new tools like glitch techniques. Once he completes his physical piece, he has a high end photo set up with lighting so when he photographs the art it looks as clean and high quality as possible.

On the social side of the table, he’s very professional, humble and accessible. Although Tony is on the other side of the world from me, he usually responds to tweets or private messages pretty quickly. He’s got a great sense of humor and adds a lot to the digital community. Tony has control over his mediums but it’s early in his career. Can’t wait to see what other beautiful pieces he creates in the future.

progressive glitch art
glitchy art